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Energy Star / Green building

Energy is very important in our country today. That is why Vision is on the forefront of building homes with high insulation values, air tight, high efficiency heating systems, and energy star appliances. For a very small investment you can improve your Vision Home to an extremely efficient Energy Star Home. We provide in plant Energy Star inspections of your home and then final on site inspections to ensure that your home meets or exceeds the Energy Star qualifications. In order to meet Energy Star we have to pay attention to all the details from caulking walls, floors, and ceilings. With details such as spraying in foam insulation around all windows and doors. To installing blocking in the roof system of capes to make sure that any air flow is stopped from getting into your conditioned house areas. Upgrade insulation values to R-49 or even higher. All of the details are what it takes to make your home a comfortable, efficient place to live.

To find out more about Visions Energy Star program please call 1-570-784-0404 or fill out the contact form on this site to inquire about making your Vision Home an Energy efficient place to live.